~Walking proudly through the hell in my head

Its 6 A.M. and I woke up and this morning
Went to toilet to was off all the negativity from the night
Slowly moving through the hallway like I danced I guess
Took one cup and put water cold – I love it when is clear
Without any warmness inside, cause its like my head
I enjoy to compere my own life with life all view

No sugar in my coffee today
Lets enjoy in the bitterness a little
People love to cry out loud and be pity in peoples eyes
I really love to be the prove that life is so good
Put some ordinary clothes on me
Some jeans and some pale t-shirt
A little bit of make up cause I put a creme on my face last night
It does not mean if I cry out my eyes last nigh
Now I will put on some red lipstick
A little perfume and huge smile
Lets dance on the street now
My demons from last night let them cry
I woke up and this morning
I will great everyone I will cross by
Tell them to have an blessed day
Give them my shining smile
Walk proudly
This is my day I will enjoy fully
Living in the present moment cause is all we have


Hey you, Love me like I do!

One, two and three. I know that you are here
I also feel and see the love that you give to me

No matter what happen or happened
You care for me, that”s enough for me

It doesn’t matter if we don’t see each other often
And also that we don’t talk every day

You love me deep inside you and me too
I know cause I feel it

Once in a while we will meet
Once in a while we will talk

We will get to know that
Love is all we need

I know that you don’t envy me
I know that you don’t hate me

Its the game of the mind
And we don’t live for that

We were born by love and not thought
I know cause I feel it

I will forgive you everything
You will do the same

In the name of love
Please love me like I do

~In one story-get to know the secret beyond the words

Once upon a time, far away from the city. Far away from all crowd that people make in their ordinary day. Lived one old woman in her little house. In front of the house she raised her own vegetable and fruit. On the windows there were boxes where she take care of her flowers.
The old woman lived alone but not fully alone, cause she had family in the city. She took care of her dog and cat.

The dogs name was Rex and the cats name was Mini. When the night came it was really cold, cause the village was near the mountains. She would fire the little cumin and called Mini to come in the house. Cause she was afraid of the night Rex would lay down in front of the door.
In the living room where she had all she ever wanted. The photos from her children and her husband. Ronny passed away five years ago. But she stayed faithful to him. She didn’t even thought to go on coffee with anyone who would call her. She took care of her garden and her pets. Sometimes her nephews would come to visit her. She really loved her family. But she was aware of the fact that now her kids are grown and have their own life. She was aware that they care for her, cause her kids would call her every afternoon. She enjoyed in the night with one cup of tea.
Its interesting the fact that her nephews really enjoyed spending time with their granny . The old woman knew how from one story to motivate and inspire her nephews. She knew how to put in the story’s moral and norms.
For her nephews to get to know the real world outside. And her children were really proud of their own mother.

~My dear anxiety – got lost

How to overcome daily anxiety?

Some time ago I made one big decision. No matter of what, that today I will live in peace. Today is the exactly perfect day for living peacefully and in harmony.
Somehow I made it once and twice, so the procedure came in everyday ahead.

Be fully aware and focused in the present moment. Feel and look around you.
A little music can help you, maybe some bite of your lips or blinking with eyes.
Look around you, look how life is helping life to keep moving and rising.
The sun helps, the wind, the rain, how the moon and the stars helps in the night.
Had you ever listen the song of the birds that are on the three? Had you ever looked to the stray dog how its so happy when someone comes to them?

How the ants that are on the ground pulls their food deep down in the hole.
How bees go on flowers to make some honey.
Its amazing how life helps life. Be fully concentrate of the present moment.
Make your daily tasks and do not go with your thoughts in the future.
Don’t worry about tomorrow at all. Tomorrow is mastery.

And no matter what happen – STAY CALM
Even when you got the most of thing you ever dreamed about – STAY CALM.
Even when you fall or don’t get what you want – STAY CALM.
When you focus to live in the present moment and be fully aware of everything around you – YOU WILL GET RID OF ANXIETY.

Petty~the hero cat

was only 5 hour in the morning, outside was spring and the weather seemed to be cool.
She opened her eyes, the first thing that she saw was the window and the light from the sun. That light still not that bright, that light that gave her a smile on her face. She stand up from the bed, took her red wrap and went to the window. Opening the window and feeling the cold wind on her face, it was simply amazing how the birds were singing in the morning. She loved it more than anything on this life, enjoying in the song.
Sit in the armchair that was in front of the window, staring in the sky that was with yellow and purple-blue color. Than with slow moves she went in the kitchen, took the box that was with the coffee and made herself a beautiful warm coffee. Like that still in her pajamas and with the wrap on her, opened the main door and stood in the balcony for a wile. She saw the beautiful fountain that her husband made on his own. What a beautiful flowers were covering here. Turned on the fountain and sited in the grass like a little child. Listened the murmur form the water. Drinking her coffee she went in the past, she went with her thoughts were he was there loving and caring for her. Oh how much she miss him, how much would be better if he was here.
Than Petty came, she jumped in her arms and started to purring. Her little Petty, her only one best friend that she had, that little cat she loved more than her own life. She was saving her life all the time even she was not aware of that.


-No, I won’t cry Petty! I gave you a promise that I will never cry! I promised you that I will be always here for you! I promised that I will care for you!
Poor Stacy she was thinking that she was making a good things for the Petty. But she was not aware that she was doing that only for her self.
Depression is the hard battle! She pushed all the friends away, she didn’t wanted to talk with them she was thinking that she is making a bad influence for them. She thought that she is making them sick with the fact that she is moody and she is having a problem with her own mood.
But that was she thinking, her friends are here still for her but she don’t want to interrupt them.
-So Petty are you hungry?
With the cat in her hands they moved in the house, she stood for a wile in the corridor and was watching the pictures of her and her loved husband.
-Oh, how much I miss you my dear Ben! I love you and I miss you so much, No Ben I won’t cry now, Petty is watching me.
Put some food in the owl for Petty and sited in front of her, and again thoughts were in her head.
Years and years ago in the past somewhere where Ben was there.

She was alcoholic, she was going in reliability and Ben was the major there where he was helping them and listening them.
She was young, she was only a teen and the childhood was a terror for her.
-What was you expecting Petty? My parents were both abusers, the were fighting every night. The told me that I was guilty for that, they said that they wish that I was never ever born. Yes Petty my dear. And then Ben came in my life, like an angle. Ben was my hero.
A tear was dancing on her face, Petty was sleeping that’s why she gave a tear to fall.
 -That’s life Petty! That’s life!  

  p.s. Don’t wait in life a perfect moment, to cherish and value the things you have in life.
Live simple life







Our pride~Living by Country Side

Once upon a time.
We lived in one country side. Had the most wonderful time ever existed.
Had and played all around. We didn’t knew about hate and envy.
We only danced under the moon. Run under the hot Sun.
Oh, boy we were so young. I would ask you “Do you remember when?”
But I am afraid nowadays to do that. Cause we now live in big city,
Your ego is so high and my pride won’t let me be honest and calm.
Oh, boy I would give everything to be kid again.
Sorry, our paths are different now. I am a little proud of my self and you are proud of your self too. Maybe one day when our paths will cross by.
Maybe we will talk again, giggle like little kids and drink wine.

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Our pride~Living by Country Side

~My spiritual journey~

I wanna share this information with you. As an spiritualist and having my own journey. This path that I choose to walk its difficult in other hand.
Born in family that we didn’t choose, having religion as our parents have, having siblings that is our blood. We were not given this in selective way.

Many of us don’t have same childhood. Some of us have all and some doesn’t. Money, peace and love.
We were just pushed in life like that. With out any reasons and steps how to move and choose. Choose?

As we all know, God had given as a free will! An free will to choose.

In every religion we are said to love and respect each other- I know.
In my religion, born as an Orthodox Christian. Jesus teach us

Jesus told us to love each other and that He was send for us to pay our sins. Yep! I am so happy for sharing this information with you.

Spiritual at my and your mother language is something manful, beautiful, peaceful, lovely and in harmony.
Spiritual is dwell by the SPIRIT! The one that we all have, right.
And every spirit is not dwell by ego and pride. Its dwell by love, peace and harmony.

My own spiritual journey started by the age when I started to get to know the world outside my home. At first I was listening fairy tales, watching cartoons and movies. Then I learned the alphabet. And then?
I had my own first Bible. Yep, the Holly Bible for kids.

Maybe this doesn’t have any meaning for you. And I know that maybe spiritual journey is something different for you.
And as I said in the begging. WE WERE BORN DIFFERENT TO LOVE EACH OTHER.

When I was a teen I had different experience, As we all know teens are rebel ones. But I was not. I was surrendered, shy and very quiet.
I was not living with ego and pride. I was living with satisfying and lovely point of view. Living peaceful.

I thought that something strange was happening when I started to be and young adult. I was buying books. But books with spiritual point of view.
Books from Osho and Rumi.
I read them.. I wanted to live like that and I was not aware that actually I was living in such a harmony my whole life.

Born in patriarchal family. They were afraid for my own life. They love me and made a decision that “I am different and I should be under medication”. Yep, I was and still am under medication and visiting psychiatrist. At age of 23 I knew. I WAS AWAKE!

Money were not the thing that I was interested in. I was not living again with ego and pride. I was enjoying in life after 25years.
Yep, I am Awake and not insane

What Are Spiritual Disciplines and Why Are They So Important?

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Living Our Days

Brushing crumbs off the dining room table, I plunk down my portable pile: Bible, journal, devotional book, another Bible, and they all land with a THUD. The pens go skittering across the table, mirroring my scattered thoughts. Then, pushing my mug of tea out of the danger zone, I settle into reading, my favorite of all the spiritual disciplines.

Today, it’s Deuteronomy 15: the Sabbatical Year, generosity to the poor, and God’s decree to Israel concerning firstborn animals. What keeps me coming back, day after day, year after year to the practice of meeting with God over his words?

Is there sustenance there? Even in Deuteronomy 15?

Certainly, the trappings of worship described in Deuteronomy are long gone. However, the truth about God revealed in his instructions is unchanged:
He is a Canceler of Debts.
His heart is for the poor.
And best of all, he invites us into his…

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Keep shining~

My past on my back
My future is plans in my head
I can’t stay in the present
At night I am sad
At day I am worried

One day I was watching a bird
Wile drinking my cup of coffee
The bird was singing
Looking for some food on floor

Just like that FREE

Found one black paper on the table
Started to write many things
Things that make me happy
I found out my purpose

Next day I started to do that
Everything that make me happy
I felt a gentle peace and harmony
Inside my soul
I had a smile on my face
I thought “I am free now’

Called my friends
Not coffee, made some tea
We laugh and we talk
We had an blessed moment together
I thought how much we love each other

Sunny day~Clouds in hell

Just woke up this morning
Last night I thought that I won’t
Opened my eyes and made the bed

Outside sun was shining
Birds were singing and gently wind blowed
Washed my face and made a coffee
I just didn’t want to go away from home

Make decision that I will walk to the grocery store
People were going on streets with smile
Some of them were grumpy like my mood
I wanted to give them smile
Oh, really I wanted so much

Maybe they had a night like mine
Full with anxiety and overthinking mind
Maybe they cried

I share my smile with them
Great in friendly way
We are here and now
Thats what is most important now

Yesterday is gone
Tomorrow is mistery
Now is forever and ever